The Back To School Box

With the summer a distant memory, we at Project Candy Box are excited to bring to you the ultimate lineup of candy boxes leading up to 2018.

This September, we’re bringing you the back to school box for the month of September. We hope you enjoy this carefully selected group of candies and snacks that include international, exclusive and tasty products. Whether you save these items for a lunch-time snack or try it all at once with family and friends, you will be one happy camper.

Our customers will be treated to products from the following countries:

  • Italy
  • France
  • Poland
  • Mexico
  • Spain

Let’s take a closer look at all of the items that were featured in the September box:


Eiffel BonBons – Green Apple


A very unique treat that was made popular in France and can now be found in French clubs around the USA. These chewy and fluffy round spheres are coated in a light sugary powder and have lots of flavor. Available in green apple, strawberry, watermelon, blue raspberry and cherry. It also has a cute little bonbon character with a baret on the front of the packaging who seems to be licking himself. He must be that tasty!

The word BonBon comes from the French word “Bon” which means good and is used in both France and French Canada to generalize various types of candies and chocolates.

Zots – Watermelon


Zots are a delicious packet of hard candies with sour fizz in the middle. Similar in basic function to the classic Lotsa Fizz belts that are featured in our Retro Box. We enjoy these more then the classic Lotsa Fizz because the flavors are stronger and the quality of the hard candies have a higher standard. The fizz is hidden nicely and does not leak out. Zots come in a variety of fun flavors like watermelon, blue raspberry, cherry, orange, apple, grape and lemon. We hope you enjoy this tasty watermelon treat originally created in Italy!

Milk Dragees – Poland


These Milk Dragee’s (pronounced “dra-zshay”), a candy center covered in a coating, are soft milk candies covered in white chocolate. Milk candy was made famous in Japan with products like Milky but have since expanded. These milk candies are soft, visually resembling a powder and have a light vanilla taste. Each Dragee ball is covered in a thin coating of crunchy white chocolate. A very tasty, European treat.

Mike and Ike – Sundaes


Mike and Ike is at it again with a new flavor to wake up your taste buds. Flavors aside, you can’t really resist this enticing packaging that’s bright and welcoming to all. These new Sundae Sweets are a new combination of fun flavors like Caramel Drizzle, Crushed Pineapple, Banana Split and more! With the classic tangy taste of Mike and Ike chews, you cannot go wrong. Looking forward to how our subscribers rate these new treats.

Vidal Sour Belts – Spain


Vidal’s Spanish gummies and flavors have been a huge hit in our candy boxes. Enjoy these chewy and lightly sour watermelon belts.

Haribo Smurf Gummies – Germany


Haribo is Germany’s premiere gummy company that started with bears and have since graduated to create lots of gummy creations that are distributed across the world. This month will feature the cute and cuddly Smurf gummies that are one of Haribo’s best sellers.

Koppers Chocolate Malt Balls


Koppers is one of the USA’s top gourmet chocolate producers and once you taste these Malted Milk Balls, you’ll know why. The milk chocolate is rich and the malt ball inside is crunchy. When comparing these to a Canadian Malteser, you can point out subtle differences that make this a quality product. Example: The milk chocolate layer is thicker and the malt ball is much crunchier and does not instantly evaporate in your mouth.

Not Included in Mini Boxes:

Takis Chili Lime – Mexico


Takis are a popular and flavorful snack from Mexico that has just expanded into Canada in the last few months. Available several unique flavors, these mini corn tortilla chips rolled up like taquitos give you a massive crunch with each bite. Inside your box you’ll find the popular Fuego Hot Chili Pepper & Lime which is fairly mild in heat but packs an amazing lime flavor. Grab this snack or try another flavor of Takis the next time you’re in your local grocery store.

Salt Water Taffy


Another month, another combination of the highest quality salt water taffy delivered in your box. This month we’re celebrating Fall with some awesome flavors. Here’s what you will find (not included in mini boxes):

  • Caramel Corn
  • Caramel Apple
  • Candy Corn

Jolly Rancher – Awesome Twosomes


When we think Hersheys, we think of the classic milk chocolate bar with beautifully stamped Hershey’s logos in each individual piece. We often forget that one of North America’s most enjoyed hard candies are also a product of the Hershey Company and they continue to innovate and bring forth new combinations of flavors like these Awesome Twosomes. Different from typical Jolly Rancher products, these Awesome Twosomes combine the flavors of orange-cherry and watermelon-green apple in a soft chew that includes licorice stuffed with sweet paste.

One comment

  1. We just opened the box and can’t wait to explore.

    So far the malt balls are tasty and the apple chews are packed with flavour.

    Please whatever you do, don’t add candy corn to our Halloween box, hubby hates it.


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