Box Breakdown Blog – The Birthday Box


With November in the books, we want to take a look back at our highest rated box of the year as voted by our customers. Our birthday box was made specially just for you on behalf of our third year in business. We thank all of our amazing Canadian supporters for trusting Project Candy Box as their monthly candy delivery service. Here’s a recap of the premium products that we curated and shipped out this past November:

Hi-Chew Fizzies – Japan


You may have heard about Hi-Chew before, but we doubt you’ve tried their newest creation unavailable in Canada. These cola and orange soda flavored chews are some of the most flavorful chews found around the world. Hi-Chew has developed a great reputation of providing the most quality tastes and using amazing ingredients in their products. Constantly innovating and improving their many candy lines, these Fizzies are one of their newest creations that develop new flavors in their classic products.

Included in your November candy box is a large peg bag full of individually wrapped cola and orange cola flavors chews. We love the individually wrapped candies here that are great for sharing and don’t stick together! The chewy exteriors complement the flavors within that are slightly chalky giving it a really unique taste.

Pearson’s Sea Salt Caramel Bun


Pearson has been providing quality candies and chocolates since 1909. With vintage candies including their salted nut roll with nougat and peanut butter filling covered in salty peanuts as well as the Nut Goodie, Coconut Patties and more!

Their products are of the highest quality and their chocolate tastes great milky and sweet. This month we went to Pearson’s to include their Bun which is a cluster of salty peanuts and gooey caramel covered in some of their luscious milk chocolate. These buns are also gluten free! You have to taste them to know just how good they are. Take a bite and crunch away.

Pearson’s Bit-o-Honey Chocolate


Another classic Pearson’s creation is their Bit-o-Honey bar which has been available on shelves since 1924. They’ve recently created a new spin on an old favorite that combines chocolate to their classic honey bars made with real honey and almond bits. These gluten free taffy chews have been a smash hit and we’re bringing them to Canada for you to try. We hope you enjoy this sweet treat!

Sweetsmith Birthday Cake Brittle


Sooooo it’s our birthday… did we mention that? Now we can’t celebrate a birthday without some cake can we? Considering how birthday cake doesn’t stay fresh and ice cream cake…. Well, melts… we’ve sought out some amazingly crunchy, handmade brittle topped with birthday cake icing and sprinkles. Crunch into this decadent square that’s made more because it’s gluten free, egg-free, nut-free and vegetarian! Feels good, tastes good!

Imperial Milk Chocolate Bar with Caramel Filling – Poland


We love to bring in Polish chocolate because it’s honestly one of the worlds best chocolate suppliers. The Imperial company is at it again with their caramel filled milk chocolate bar. A full sized chocolate bar is yours this month. Choose to share it… or hide it. We’ll let you decide.

Birthday Cake Cookie Dough Bites


Did you keep up with that? So to recap, birthday cake, cookie dough, bite sized pieces, sprinkles everywhere… This is an awesomely festive birthday product from our friends at Taste of Nature. Enjoy a theatre box full of familiar tastes in a highly festive box. Just don’t try to put a candle in it because it won’t work. We’ve tried.

Nestle Drifter – UK


You know about Nestle but you may not have heard about the milk chocolatey Drifter bar because it comes from across the pond. The Nestle UK sector has been pumping out Drifter for some time so we thought we would make them an offer that they couldn’t refuse and bring them into our box.

Included in your Drifter pack are two fingers of milk UK chocolate covering English biscuit (or wafers) layered with silky caramel.

Teddy Pop


Aren’t we all tired of ring pops? They’re just so “been there done that”! So we thought we’d change it up and deliver a pop with cute, cuddly and edible teddy bear on top.

Teddy Pops come in wild berry, cola, cherry and green apple.

Sour Jacks – Wildberry


Another new product that have just been released into Canada are Sour Jacks by Promotion in Motion. These gummies give you a mild level of sour and tang with awesome flavors like Wildberry, Lemonade, Watermelon and Green Apple. We think that the wildberry is the most unique flavor so we’ve included a theatre sized box of Sour Jacks in your box this month. Enjoy this product which is not quite gummy and not quite chewy but a combination of both. A really cool product that you’ll ultimately enjoy.

Starburst Filled Gummies


The beloved flavors of Starburst chews have created a new spin on their classic product line. These new Starburst gummies with liquid filling are a yummy combination of classic taste and creative innovation. As soon as you try these you will make the connection that this is indeed a Starburst product that has been reshaped in a new and fun way. We hope you enjoy!

We’ve kept a few birthday boxes. They are available for purchase here

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