The Holiday Box


Hohoho! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our fabulous Canadian candy lovers out there. It’s the perfect time of year to relax, enjoy some time off and open a box full of candy, chocolate and other snacks. From the entire Project Candy Box crew, we wish you and your family well as we close the box on an amazing 2017 and start looking ahead to 2018.

We thank you for your continued support of Canada’s top candy box subscription box and hope that you continue to provide us with your feedback and candy unboxing moments. We love to see all of your happy faces as you dive into your monthly treat.

Speaking of diving in… how about we talk about our holiday box?

Palmer – Double Crisp Coal


This melt in your mouth crunchy chocolatey treat will be the best lump of coal you’ll get in your stocking this year. Our friends at the Palmer Chocolate Company has whipped up another festive treat that is perfect for December. Nesting inside the mesh sack you’ll find a handful of individually wrapped pieces of chocolate coal that are filled with crispy crunchy rice bits. Each bite is a melt in your mouth chocolate treat that will tingle your tongue.

Russell Stovers – Billion Dollar Bar


Strapped for cash this holiday season? After what seems like weeks of spending your hard-earned dough on others, Project Candy Box is giving it all back and then some. This full milk chocolate bar from Russell Stovers is sure to satisfy even the sweetest of sweet teeth.

Russell Stovers – Chocolate Marshmallow


More chocolate? No problem! It is Christmas after all, let’s save the healthy eating and gym memberships for 2018. This next treat is a soft and fluffy chocolate marshmallow covered in another thin layer of milk chocolate. One of the sweetest pieces you’ll have this year, we promise!

Dubble Bubble Snowballs


How about a snowball fight in your very own home? These deliciously crunchy gumballs are sure to do the trick. This full bag of blue raspberry gumballs has a crunchy shell and some amazing flavor that will keep your mouth moving for hours. Enjoy one by one or all at once. We don’t judge you if you’re not one to share.

Rudolph Gummies


Sing it with us! Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, has a very gummy nose… did we get that right?

These reindeer treats contain a combination of soft gummies that are shaped like the colorful characters like Rudolph, Bumble and even Santa! These delicious characters come in a variety of flavors including Green Apple, Strawberry and Blue Raspberry. We’ll let you guess which ones belong to which character. It’s more fun that way.

Jelly Belly Christmas Mix


Nothing rounds out a quality holiday box quite like a bag of Jelly Belly, the premier jelly bean since those awful jelly beans were taken off the shelves. More flavors that can be enjoyed by themselves or mixed with others to create awesome combinations. Your holiday box contains a mixture of Jelly Belly flavors that include Green Apple, Strawberry, Cherry and Coconut.

Seattle Chocolates – Candy Cane Crunch


Looking for something a little more adult? This dark chocolate truffle bar with candy cane bits will be something right up your alley. Seattle Chocolate is known for making quality treats in the USA using the highest ingredients like Rainforest Alliance Certified Cocoa. Another thing to remember when enjoying this chocolate bar is that for every bar of chocolate sold, Seattle Chocolate donates a serving of food to a neighbor in need. This cause serves as a great way to give back to those less fortunate.

SunnyD Liquid Center Gummies


Have you ever enjoyed the taste of Sunny Delight? Sweet tangy orange drink that quenches your thirst? Most of us have but you might not be aware of the recent partnership with Sunny Delight and Pearson’s Candy Company to create these delicious Liquid Center Gummies. Now you can try these soft and chewy gummies packed with a surprising blast of liquid sugar in every bite. A finger licking explosion of sweet and tangy candy is waiting for you in this new product, not available to Canadians.

Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle – Dark Chocolate Sea Salt


And now for something on the healthy side… well, healthy for a candy box. Sheila is the maker of the legendary cookie brittle that is taking North America by storm. Her brittle is a combination of cookie and brownie in one low calorie bite. A single serving of these bags runs you a low 120 calories but the taste makes you think otherwise. Try it and fall in love with this brownie, cookie, brittle, combination and feel good about your day.

Kenny’s Krumbs Cookies


Another serving of cookies are waiting inside this bag of Kenny’s Krumbs, creatively dubbed as “the best part of a crumb cake”. Within each “Krumb” you’ll discover a large cookie-like nugget of crunchy, cinnamon goodness. The best part of any crumble is now available by the bag and can by enjoy in a plethora of ways like with coffee or tea.

Hi-Chew Sours


Last on our long list of candy box treats is a healthy pack of Japan’s pride and joy, Hi-Chew. One of the newest flavors to hit the shelves (aside from the Fizzies pack featured in the November box), these Hi-Chew Sours are an amazing combination of traditional Hi-Chew flavors with a sour twist that will satisfy the cravings of those sour fanatics. Enjoy this healthy bag of chews to cap off your holiday box.

Looking to score a holiday box of your own? Good news is we still have some candy boxes available for purchase in our one-time store. Grab a holiday box for yourself or send the gift of candies and chocolates for that special someone.

Click here to place your order and enjoy the holiday season everyone!


  1. I am just curious, i was sent the candy box as a gift for christmas but mine did not include Kenny’s crumb cookies, the brownie brittle or the candycane crunch bar, just wondering why?


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