Box Breakdown Blog – January


Happy New Year to all the Canadian sweeties out there. We wish you a prosperous and healthy new year from our family to yours.

Our little business has grown in 2017 and that’s due to the incredible support of our Canadian customers. We’re excited to move forward in 2018 providing more exclusive candies from the far reaches of world. Since our business has grown, so has our plan to create partnerships with more brands. We will continue to honor our promise to bring the greatest brands and products to Canada through our monthly candy service.

We will start off our 2018 with a great selection of international candies, newly released products as well as sweet, European chocolate. You will find these in your January box. Enjoy!

Sour Candy Dough


This fun and sweet group of etible playdough is has just been released across North America. The perfect desert that you can play with while you eat. Sour Candy Dough is soft and mildly sour with just enough kick to satisfy your palate. Some great flavors including lemon, blue raspberry, green apple and strawberry are waiting to be rolled up, squished and shaped into whatever your mind can come up with. Mix and match. Then when you’re done… eat it all up!

Welch’s Soft Licorice – Strawberry


Welch’s has always been the staple for flavor. The smells, the taste and the texture of their awesome products like juices, jams and fruit snacks have always been top notch. In your January box you’ll find a peg bag full of juicy Welch’s licorice that is “bursting with fruit flavor”. You’ll smell these puppies when you open your box this month. Chomp into these giant pieces and enjoy the burst of flavor within.


Cadbury Curlywurly – UK


A staple inside of Project Candy Box, our subscribers love to get this strong hit of UK caramel and milk chocolate. For years, England has worshipped the Curlywurly bar just like Canadians enjoy their Coffee Crisp. A simple braid of milk chocolate and caramel will satisfy all of your cravings.

Fini Shock Tongues – Spain


One of our favorite new brands out of Spain is Fini. From their branding and colors, to their diverse products and flavors. This month, we’re highlighiting Shock Tongues, one of Fini’s top sellers. Included in each pouch are 6 long sour belts drenched in even more sour crystals. Start with your choice of watermelon, green apple, grape, cherry, lemon and blue raspberry and then slowly make your way through the rest.


Zozole – Poland


Poland is normally known for their decadent chocolate but this month we’ve included a little curveball with these sweet hard candies. The wildly crazy cartoon on the package says it all. He’s gotten his fill of Zozole and the surprise fizz within. Each individually wrapped candy is either cherry, apple or strawberry and they all have one thing in common, a blast of fizz erupts when you reach the center.

Bubu Lubu – Mexico


Our final Mexican treat is Bubu Lubu, a chocolate covered marshmallow with strawberry filling. This snack has the perfect balance of rich chocolate, soft marshmallow and topped off with rich strawberry flavoring. There’s something for everyone in this rich little package.

Nerd – Double Dipped – Cherry Lemonade and Watermelon Apple


Nothing is better than Nerds, they are the classic North American treat that you can eat one at a time or you can shovel into your mouth. These particular Nerds are just as advertised, double dipped. Enjoy lemonade with sweet cherry underneath on one side and watermelon with apple underneath on the other side. Open one side and save the other for later or just dive in all at once.

Milka Daim – Germany


The final product found in the January box is Milka Daim. A massive 100% alpine milk chocolate bar from Germany stuffed with chunks of Daim toffee bits. This melt in your mouth chocolate bar will be a tough item to share with your friends and family but if you’re generous enough, perhaps you can spare a piece or two.

Lucas Skwinkles – Mexico


Mexican candies and chocolates are made differently and often include spicy flavors. The funky named Skwinkles is no different. These chewy licorice strips are filled with spicy tamarind flavor and dusted with even more spices. These Skwinkles are pineapple flavored. On top of the spicy tamarind is a hit of pineapple in every bite.

Rademaker Hopjes Koffie Candy – Holland


I hope you take your coffee with sugar! Straight from Holland in the Netherlands, these coffee hard candies are rich and sweet with real coffee flavor. This large sack of individually wrapped coffee candy is yours to enjoy. Even for the tea lover, the flavor is undeniable and satisfying to the sugar lover. Put these in candy jar to impress your visitors. Or just pop one in the morning before work!


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