Top Spanish Candy Companies

Candy comes in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, they don’t come in all shapes and sizes here in Canada. Fear not, Canada’s top candy box, Project Candy Box, serves up monthly candies from all over the world. Looking to learn more about some of the worlds top candy companies? This article focuses on Spain and the companies that are making a global impact on the candy market.

Check out these amazing candy and chocolate companies. Some of which we’ve already featured in past candy boxes.


Fini Candy Company

Fini has quickly been climbing the charts as Spain’s top candy and gummy company. With offices around the world including Spain, Portugal, UK, France, Chile and Brazil. Fini has recently launched into North America, cementing their global reach with it’s many product lines including marshmallows, licorice and jellies. The most impressive part of the Fini Candy Company is the ability to create amazing experiences with their flavors and packaging. Each of the different product lines that call themselves Fini are unique and delicious.

If you haven’t tried Fini candy, be on the lookout and make sure to grab one at your first opportunity.


Vidal Candies

Founded in 1963, the relatively young candy company, Vidal, has also expanded rapidly over the last few decades and now distributes it’s wide variety of gummies in the UK, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal and Scandinavia. Vidal also has small selection of gummies available in Canada as well. With unique gummy profiles liquid filled turtles, spicy mangos and banana’s, Vidal’s selections are unique and fun. Very different from the gummies we’re accustomed to. With a focus on diversification, you can expect to see Vidal continue to add to their long list of gummy creations.


Vicens – Turron

Any Spanish born citizen will be able to talk to you at length about the various Turron treats that their grandparents treated them to back in Spain. Turron is a classic Spanish candy that resembles nougat and is normally made from honey and almonds. There are many variations of Turron including brittle, soft or hard nougat and even Turron covered in various types of chocolate. Vicens from Madrid has been one of Spains most trusted brands in Turron and other Spanish treats.


Valor Chocolates

Spain is not normally known as a large player in the chocolate industry. Poland, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium would normally take the cake. Valor, however, is one of Spain’s leading chocolate producers with a bean to bar methodology that creates a wide variety of chocolate. If you plan on traveling through Spain, you’ll want to sit down in one of Valor’s chocolate café’s. These café’s boast a premium menu of chocolate inspired hot and cold beverages including hot chocolates, milkshakes, ice cream and more.

Discover international, exclusive and classic candy and chocolate with Canada’s top candy box.

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